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Virtual Engineering Week is bringing a full week of best-in-class education to the global design, engineering, and manufacturing communities. Join us each morning to hear from medical device industry professionals during the Medtech Mornings series, and in the afternoons to learn from engineering and manufacturing experts in areas like 3D printing, smart manufacturing, packaging, materials and sustainability, and career development.

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Architecting Medical IoT for the Home Setting

Guy Vinograd  (CEO & Co-Founder, bio-T Medical)

Date: Tuesday, December 1

Time: 11:30 am - 12:00 pm

Track: MedTech Mornings: Digital Health Solutions

Vault Recording: TBD

How medical device companies can overcome the barriers of IoMT

Today, in the age of COVID-19, patients prefer to receive care without going to the doctor. This is doable only if patients get home-use medical devices that doctors can control and monitor remotely. However, medical device vendors using the "old ways" for creating remote care solutions are facing major barriers.
This session will focus on designing architectures for cloud-based remote care solutions at the home setting. It will include showcasing real examples of connected homecare solutions, and a live demo. We will be covering both technical challenges (cloud and gateway connectivity, cybersecurity, privacy, quality management) and clinical workflow challenges (adherence monitoring, remote efficacy follow-up, among others).