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Virtual Engineering Week is bringing a full week of best-in-class education to the global design, engineering, and manufacturing communities. Join us each morning to hear from medical device industry professionals during the Medtech Mornings series, and in the afternoons to learn from engineering and manufacturing experts in areas like 3D printing, smart manufacturing, packaging, materials and sustainability, and career development.

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Artificial Intelligence & Risk Management: New Ways to Fail

Pat Baird  (Regulatory Specialist, Philips)

Date: Tuesday, December 1

Time: 10:00 am - 10:30 am

Track: MedTech Mornings: Digital Health Solutions

Vault Recording: TBD

There are many aspects of Artificial Intelligence (AI) software that are like traditional software development, but there are some aspects that are unique to AI. This session will discuss some of the failure modes of AI that might not be familiar to someone with a more traditional background, including topics such as data quality, bias, risks of overfitting or underfitting, levels of autonomy and the potential for "overtrust" by the users.

Topics covered include:
  • What software developers using AI projects need to know
  • Understanding the difference between traditional and AI software development regarding potential risks
  • Hear real-world examples that show how weird AI can be when it fails